A Ladhals To Struggle About


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1st EP from DARK MATTER! (Lyon - France)

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released June 15, 2013

Dark Matter - Victor, Erwan, Quentin & Julien
Enregistré et mixé par Jean Louis Dias - Abao'bé



all rights reserved


DARK MATTER Lyon, France

A mi-chemin entre les structures du rock et les sonorités métal, DARK MATTER propose un set vacillant entre des sonorités légères et harmonieuses quasi post-rock et des riffs puissants appuyés par des rythmiques lourdes.
L'univers de Dark Matter, c'est l'expression d'une mélancolie, dans ses moments les plus intenses et intimes.
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Track Name: Ladhals

Couplet 1:

Is there anything left somewhere for me,
some kind of pain I could compare
Will I allways have to be the referee
of my own shattered despair
seems I'll never ever can seem to get better
I'm enslaved forever,depraver of the depriver
Is it better than me,
cause it won't let me free,
won't ever disappear,
and for always be here

Yet I see how much it's struggling,
and this is why it's so beautiful
Inside myself I hear it crying and laughing,
but it is here to stay,never to let go of my...

Couplet 2:

And together we'll bleed of isolation,
smothered by its own flare
Gaze upon a sight of devastation,
crushed by this weight to bare
Seems I'll never ever just try to be better
ropes are tide forever,wait for the shiver
There is nothing to see,but the sweet agony,
and the darkness in me,just continues to be


In the end I will smile in my salvation,
in my sweet disambled despair
I will find it deep in isolation,
let alone the fall to dare
I will bring it back,I will smash its thirst,
until it comes back and again I'll burst

Because you'll never...
never ever

Ref (final)
never to let go of my soul
In the night I feel it crawling in me,
feel it burning in me,holding on to my soul
I hear it scream,crying to beg for mercy
Struggling constantly,yet it's so beautiful
Track Name: Wide Open
Wide Open:

Couplet 1:

I realize what once could be fell appart
You mezmerised a part of me I thought was broken.
Wish I could lay next to you,talk about a fresh start
To sympathise is hard when I hold the heart I said was fallen.

Ref :

With my arms wide open,
I will wait for you to be mine.
With my arms wide open,
I will help myself and...

Couplet 2:

Let me crawl to you
Let me show you my eyes bleeding.
Let me answer to
The emptiness I've been spreading.
Let me talk to you
Let me throw out my heart beating.
Let the warmth come through
give me a reason to be breathing.

Ref (final)

I will help myself,take a bullet to the head,and die.
Track Name: Dark Side Of The World
Darkside of the World:

Couplet 1:

It's not the same thing being born to another,
or anywhere near to you
The tides are coming closer to each other,
but nowhere near anew
I'd want it fixed,I want it open,
and out of it's deny,
but I can't repair what's left unbroken
it's burning before my eyes

Couplet 2:

And come again and step in line,
you might end up just satisfied
words are in vain and there's no time,
for all we know so stratified


Before it all breaks down...


And I'll show you where the teardrops end

Cause you don't realize that you live on a brighter side of this world.
Track Name: Fallen, Crushed and Hardly Breathing
Fallen,Crushed and Hardly Breathing:

Couplet 1:

Can you feel the air
pressuring down on my intention,
I wanna climb the stairs,
but down below I feel attraction.
Another weight to bear,
another line of self destruction
Pointing towards the stare,
becoming the center of attention.


What about me?
You'll never be alone again,
what about me?
You tripped and fell,escaped the slain.
What about me?
Well I just wanna break the chains,
What about me?
Help me get these roots out of my brain.

Couplet 2:

Monsters of the past
crawling back and disconnecting,
how long will they last,
how long will I be agonizing.
After another blast
will I just find myself wondering?
No spell left to cast,
no bandage left to stop the bleeding.
Track Name: Strangled By My Fears
Strangled by my Fears

Couplet 1:

If there are shining stars,
then maybe you could bring me some light
After carving up my scars,
the story may be yet to rewrite
Again I'm so tired,
and maybe you could bring me some rest
Torn open and wired,
an ripped away once more from the rest

And I feel the pain spreading in my chest
Like a bad disease flowering to tears
and don't tell me this is what you suggest
because once again,I'm strangled by my fears

Couplet 2:

If there are chances to catch,
I wouldn't want to cause any pain
Fleshwound start with a scratch,
but unless they bathed in fire they seem in vain.
Feeling expired,
torned open and slowly disappearing into dust
Left on the floor mired,
and waiting for the first sign of rust